Wolfsonisms and More

Lighthouse Day 5

This was taken somewhere along Cape Cod around summer, 1972. I was with my wife Billie visiting a friend from dental school in Boston. While in Boston we met my friend’s Uncle, the Cardinal. That’s another story. We also drove out to Cape Cod to beach and tour for a couple of days. This photo was taken with my Nikkormat. It was a great camera and tough. It took its bumps from Africa to the Arctic and just kept going. After 30 years it had some issues. I moved on to digital.

I remember Cape Cod being fun and interesting. There was always a party somewhere, day and night. We were at a party one evening and someone told us conspiratorially that he had something very special. You might think it was illegal. The big deal, he had just driven back from Colorado and had a couple dozen cans of Coors Beer. I’d never heard of it. Other people were really excited. Coors back then was only sold in Colorado. I tried one. Nothing special then or now.

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