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Good Spirit

You never know where you are going to throw out your anchor. In my case, I was living in Saskatchewan for quite a few years before I accepted that this was it, the place I would call home, the anchor of my life.

A big reason I am still in Saskatchewan is my lovely wife and friend Penny. This photo was taken in September of 2003. Penny and I wanted to spend a few days in a cottage for our 10th anniversary. We found a place on Good Spirit Lake. It’s about a 3 hour drive northeast of Regina, close to Canora.

The lake is very shallow. The boats in the photo that are away from shore are on boat lifts. The lifts have to be placed offshore for there to be enough water to launch a boat. There is a Provincial Park at the south end of the lake. There are some very interesting sand dunes off to the east of the public swimming area in the park. Penny and I enjoyed a hike along the dunes.

Close to the cottage we were staying in the shoreline had a lot of interesting features. The sand was eroded in interesting patterns. You can see the purple sand in these photos. It reminded me of the purple sand along the shore of Candle Lake northeast of Prince Albert.

The thing that amazed me most was a gathering along the shoreline that I had never seen before. It made me wonder if this is an annual ritual.

Do Ladybugs have a family get together at the shore.? Have they come for a special nutrient found in purple sand? Or do they just gather to die before the winter? I’m sure I could find the answer on the internet but I just enjoyed seeing them there and taking a few photos.

It was a great get away and anniversary celebration. When we left we took lots of ‘good spirits’ with us.

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