Charity Russell

Illustrator Charity Russell

The art is gentle and Aunty Jane is such a pretty older woman. This feels so refreshing…North Street critique by Ellen LeFleche

This is Steve’s second book with Charity Russell. Charity also created the lovely, fun illustrations for Filbert the Lonely Flamingo. Steve co-authored Filbert with his sister Ellen Wolfson Valladares.

Charity Russell is a children’s book illustrator and writer from Bristol, England. Her books include The Window Book and Mummy’s Got MS. She graduated with a First Class master’s degree in Illustration and Design from The University of Sunderland in 2012, after gaining her bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Falmouth University College, Cornwall in 2004. Originally from Zambia, Africa, she moved to the U.K. as a teenager, and now lives there with her husband, two children and their dog Frank. Charity crochets more than knits and is pretty good at it. She would like a fuchsia flamingo friend to do the flamenco with!

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