Steve Wolfson

Steve has extensive experience with school children of all ages and adults reading from his work and presenting classes on writing and filmmaking. You can contact Steve at

Steve started telling stories in dental school to help his child patients relax. He sold his first piece, a satirical article, to the U of Minnesota Daily while taking his masters in public health. When Saskatchewan’s world renown school dental program was shuttered he focused his career as a writer and filmmaker..

Steve’s documentary films have taken him from the Canadian Arctic to Mozambique. Wherever he goes he explores how children play and learn. This helps nourish his children’s stories.

He has worked with great illustrators for his children’s picture books Monster Cheese, Elephants At the Airport, Filbert the Lonely Flamingo and Aunty Jane Knits Up A Storm.

Steve was born in Omaha, and moved to St. Pete Beach, when he was 11. He learned a few things in New Orleans while going to Tulane. Steve lives and creates in Regina, Saskatchewan with his wife Penny and their two 13 year old granddaughters.

Contact Steve at