Wolfsonisms and More

Filming Stanley Mission

We worked for about a week in Stanley Mission. The closest place to stay was in La Ronge. It was about an hours drive north to Stanley Mission.

When you arrive at the community of Stanley Mission, the church is on the other side of the river.

Every morning when we arrived Joe Roberts and other men from the community met us at the river. They ferried us and our gear across to the church.

There was no restaurant in Stanley, only a small store. We bought snacks there. For lunch we brought food with us from La Ronge.

One morning Joe Roberts told us that he had asked some friends to see if they could catch some fish for us for lunch. The fisherman know the river well. They did not disappoint us. They caught a nice bunch of Pickerel and made a feast for us!

Richard Diener directed this episode. He was busy filming and didn’t see how the fish was being cooked. It was so nicely done, without a hint of greasiness, Richard thought they had somehow baked the fish.

We made 26 episodes of Edifice & Us. For me, the lunch that day was the best food we ate during the series. The fresh Pickerel that day was the best fish I have ever eaten.

Much thanks to Joe Roberts and all the community people that took such good care of us during our stay. They made filming the Church at Stanley Mission a real pleasure.